Pele’s Chair

What a gorgeous hidden lagoon! Sarah and Jason took us to this idyllic spot. It’s right at Makapu’u Point, on the southern tip of Oahu. The story is that the goddess of fire, Pele, sat at this spot before leaving Oahu for good and going to the Big Island (the next volcanic island in the Hawaiian chain). And the rock formation really does look like a chair! And right below the chair, amidst huge waves crashing onto spiky volcanic rocks, is a hidden lagoon. Protected from the waves and plenty deep to avoid any rocks, we jumped and snorkeled and played. Ty saw some cool fish, and lots of sea urchins.



There’s an old telephone pole inserted into the rocks there for visitors to jump from. It’s surprisingly secure and not as slippery as it looks. Scaredy cats, however, can find another way down if they try hard enough (and I did).

We took turns, the place wasn’t very crowded, there were maybe 20 people there.

Alli was able to manipulate her uncle into jumping in with her.

There were some daredevils there to entertain us, as well.


This is the other side of the point we jumped from. Pele’s Chair is just above us. Here’s someone else’s photo of what it looks like:

As we were leaving, we noticed we didn’t see Jake. Turns out he had trudged on up to the chair in his flip flops and bathing suit all alone. I have a pic on my phone, I’ll upload it in a sec.

Here’s a nice description of the spot:

When fiery lava flows down a volcano in Hawai’i, ancient Hawaiian mythology explains that Pele, the goddess of fire, is very much alive. Considered a feisty, charismatic, and volatile being, she is also the goddess of lightning, dance, and violence. Pele is one of the most recognized of all Hawaiian deities. According to myth, Pele resides within the Halema’uma’u crater of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i. However her presence is felt along the entire island chain: many hula dances are performed in honor of Pele, islanders still speak of ghostly encounters with this hot Hawaiian legend on the Big Island, and on the eastern-most point of the island of O’ahu is her chair.

On a paved hiking path leading to Makapu’u lighthouse at Makapu’u point sits a lava rock formation known as Pele’s Chair. It is said to be the place where Pele departed from O’ahu to do work on other islands. Today, visitors depart from this chair – well, actually from the log in front of it – into a crystal blue lagoon filled with tropical fish.


Posted from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States.

3 Responses to Pele’s Chair

  • sandi says:

    absolutely gorgeous! trying to figure out how high up you are when jumping. hard to tell from the angle of the camera. what is the story behind your entry into the water?

    • Holly S. says:

      The log was probably ten feet above the water, and then you climb up the rocks to get out. I thought it seemed just a little too high for me, so I climbed down the rocks and gracefully slid into the water, lol. All the kids were scrambling past me for their turn on the pole.

    • Shamarah says:

      They say he was staying at his “other home” so at least he’s not havnig to start over with nothing. He seemed ok with what’s happened. I suppose he might have expected it.I guess the land it still his…it’s just a little blacker and higher now – and harder.

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