We crammed one last activity into the trip today. Ty and Aunt Sarah got up super early, traveled to the North Shore’s Dillingham field and hopped in ultralight gliders for an “epic” ride (to use Ty’s lingo).

The company we flew with is Paradise Air, and they were phenomenal! Denise and Tom made us feel so comfortable and not at all scared. We were lucky to get on their schedule – the day before they did skydive jumps with the crew and stunt people from Hawaii 5-0! Tom is an aerial cinemaphotographer (relocated to Hawaii from LA) and he filmed the scene that will be in the 3rd episode of the upcoming season. Can’t wait to watch!

We flew to about 7,000 feet, way above the clouds and didn’t experience too many bumps.

Here’s Ty waving to Aunt Sarah in the distance. He asked his pilot to radio over to Aunt Sarah’s plane to see how she was doing. What a sweet kid!

We had great weather and even flew up over the clouds and over the mountain ridge at Ka’ena point.

We even got to drive! Here’s Ty steering his glider.

I think Ty was pretty happy with his morning!


Posted from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

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