Everybody’s Gone Surfin’

Well, at least Alli, Jake, and Uncle Jason. On their last full day in Hawaii, Alli and Jake wanted to take another turn on the surfboards. They both did great, with a little help from Uncle Jason.

At one point, Jake paddled out to the biggest waves all on his own. When we started looking for him, we found him… standing up, riding into shore (look closely, he’s the little kid out there by himself)!

Alli did a great job and got up several times, too.

Jake was the least interested in surfing when he got here, but ended up catching more waves than the rest of them combined. I think he was pretty happy with his performance.

Well, except for the foot injury. But I think it was worth the pain!

Here are a few quick video of Alli and Jake tearing up the waves!

Posted from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

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