Kiteboarding in Kailua

Bryan and Ty have spent the past few days taking Kiteboarding lessons. It’s a tricky sport, where you stand with your feet strapped into a small board and harness your body to a kite that propels you over the water.

Here’s Ty learning how to control the kite. This is the hardest part, especially for lighter kids, as he could easily be blown away!


The kite is this massive thing, too. Hard to handle and hard to maneuver, but they’re getting the hang of it.

Meanwhile, Alli and Jake played in the surf. They are absolutely loving the boogie boards!




Posted from Kailua, Hawaii, United States.

One Response to Kiteboarding in Kailua

  • Linda steven says:

    Looks like you are having a ball in Hawaii. Bet you want to move there. I want to srr more of Bryan and Ty kiteboarding. that looks very difficult! My love to you all, nanny

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