Luke Vaughn Suthard

It is about time for to get rolling again! Life has been moving too fast! A lot can happen in a month……or a couple of years for that matter……

So for this month:

Ty, 17, is on the mainland  and has been exploring colleges on the east coast with grandparents. I think he wants to land somewhere colder and urban.

Jake, 15, started summer school classes for Alg II/Trig and is sailing at every opportunity. He is finishing up his driver ed roadwork in hopes of getting his license late this summer.

Alli, 13, is enrolled in Musical Theatre summer school and will play the role of Mrs. Potts in the Punahou production of “Beauty and the Beast” in July.

And, oh yes, I became a father for the fourth time! Alexandria Niewijk and I were legally married on May 19th, just eight hours before her water broke. Luke Vaughn Suthard was born to us on May 21st, a healthy 6lbs 12 oz., 19.5 inch, baby boy. We are making plans for a small, family wedding  celebration here on Oahu in August.

It is not calm and it is not quiet around here. The Suthard blender is at full tilt and I won’t sugar coat that it is easy or perfect by any means. Then again, I wouldn’t trade this crazy and interesting life for anything.

We’ll do our best to keep posting updates and other fun stuff.


Bryan and Family

2 thoughts on “Luke Vaughn Suthard”

  1. Wow, Bryan. You’ve been busy! Congratulations on everything. A new wife and a new future musician! I miss our gear talks, you were the one who had the tone passion and told me about the cutting edge and classic stuff. Take care.

  2. Enjoying your website and the pictures of Luke and family.Keep it up Bryan I love seeing you and the kids.

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